API. Editing custom fields

Custom fields are updated via the API regardless of the order they are sent in the ticket.


Integration with Azure Active Director

We are expanding and today a new service - Azure Active Directory - has joined Usedesk.

This is a new service for managing access to Usedesk through the shared Active Directory service. Manage employees and their rights, create groups directly in the Active Directory, and all changes will be integrated into Usedesk. See the Azure Active Directory article for more details.

Instagram and WhatsApp. Connection redesigning

We improve and refine channel connections. And in this update, when connecting Instagram to Usedesk, we added a detailed help, which described the possible actions to connect the channel. The help is like an instruction, so there are no questions.

Also, the order of connecting channels through your token for Instagram and WhatsApp has changed. Now to configure via your token, please contact us in support of , and we will include additional fields for you:

  • Token;
  • Company;
  • Channel.


The "Language" parameter on the client card

The preparation of the Usedesk for the multilanguage system is in full swing.

We have added the "Language" parameter to the client's card to understand which language he speaks when he writes us an address.

JIRA и AmoCRM. New possibilities in the additional block

We didn't bypass the additional Usedesk blocks either.

We've added integration with JIRA. Task control is even easier because Usedesk now displays not only the status of the task but also the latest changes and comments on it.

Extended integration with AmoCRM and more information from your CRM is now available for use in Usedesk.

We have added the ability to create transactions from Usedesk, as well as a number of parameters from AmoCRM, which you can display in a special block:

  • Custom fields (deal_fields);
  • Contacts fields (contact_fields);
  • Company fields (company_fields);
  • Events (comments_type): note, result by task, system message, incoming/outgoing SMS;
  • Amount of comments (comments_amount);
  • Amount of tasks (tasks_amount).

Control the height of the dynamic block (block_height) to accommodate all content from AmoCRM, and open links from the block in a new window.