Limiting the number of open chats with a user

In this update, we added "Maximum chat per agent" to the settings when connecting a widget. The system will distribute chats evenly among all agents up to the specified number in the settings.

Custom fields. Additions when working with mandatory fields

When working with mandatory custom fields, the system will light up in red only those fields that are not filled in.

Updated integration with Yandex Market

Yandex Market now uses a new API, and we have updated the current integration. Instructions for connection are here.


Additional setting "Blind carbon copy" in the mail channel

When connecting the mail channel via " Internal connection", some SMTP servers do not save copies of outgoing mail to the "Sent" folder. We have added the "Blind carbon copy" field in the mail channel configuration - the address to which the hidden copy of outgoing mail will be sent. You can configure the rule to send such mails to the "Sent" folder in the mail itself.

Widget. Configuring the widget channel buttons

In this update, you can set any order of icons in the widget, customize their hints and create a button view as you wish. To do this, we have changed the "Setting items" item in the settings when connecting a widget.

Add chat, messengers, social networks through the specified parameters, and use a new field "Link" to add necessary channels for your company through an outside link.

The total number of icons in the widget is limited to 10.