Integration via Landbot provides the ability to work with official WhatsApp (Business)

WhatsApp Business integration principle

While working with WhatsApp Business, you will encounter restrictions such as a 24-hour window for standard correspondence:
  • You are given 24 hours to respond to a message sent by a customer. The 24-hour countdown starts over every time a customer sends you a message.
After this time, only the Landbot template can be sent
In Usedesk to work with the WhatsApp Business channel and its nuances, we have implemented:
  • Incoming requests and responses to them within 24 hours;
  • Working with pre-agreed templates;
  • Initialization of the dialogue with the client

WhatsApp Business Connecting

To connect WhatsApp Business to Usedesk, open the "Extensions" section and enable the integration in the general list. This option is paid.

1. Go to "Channels" - "WhatsApp Business", click "Add".

2. Log in to your Landbot account and open the "WhatsApp Testing" tab on the page

3. Add a channel with a number from which messages will be sent

4. On the same page, copy the id from the browser line to paste this value into the "Channel" field (point 6)

5. Go to the "Account" tab and copy the API token to paste this value into the "Token" field (point 6)

6. After filling in the above fields in the Usedesk channel, click the "Save" button

When saving, a webhook will be generated automatically.
7. To work with templates, select the GET OPT-INS tab

8. Create a new SNIPPET select an existing one to confirm the number

9. Click view - the "Eye" icon next to the script. Enter your number and subscribe to the newsletter.


Using WhatsApp Business

1. Incoming tickets processing
Customers can write to the phone number you connected. The message from the client goes to the "Chats" section and the "Tickets" section. Respond from any section to a customer message.

Please keep in mind the 24-hour window for standard correspondence when replying to a message.

If 24 hours have passed since the client's last message, you will need to use a template from Landbot to respond.
  • the field for sending a standard message will be inactive;
  • sending an internal comment is available;
  • the "Submit" button will be automatically changed to "Submit Template";
  • when you click on the "Send Template" button, a modal window pops up to select a template;

2. Initialization of the dialogue
In the "Chat" section, you can display the button for creating a dialogue in Whatsapp Business "Create a chat," which will allow you to initiate a conversation with your customers independently. To initialize the dialogue, it is imperative to use pre-agreed templates.
This requires:
  • Connect the Whatsapp Business channel;
  • Configure access rights for the agent to work with this channel, which has Whatsapp Business enabled. If the agent does not have access rights to such a channel, this button will be absent, including when assigning a chat to it or if you have administrator rights.
If you have several channels with Whatsapp, then when using the "Create Chat" button, you can choose from which channel and to whom you will write first.
Write to the client by filling in the fields:
  • Channels - select a channel from Whatsapp Business;
  • Client - enter the client's name and select who you will write to from the drop-down list. If you need to create a new customer, then just write the name. If the search did not return any results - click "New client."
  • Phone - enter the phone number in the international format (without indicating +) XXXXXXXXXX (for example, for the Russian Federation, the number will look like this 79254321098, and for Belarus - 375296787656), or select a client from your database and the number will be automatically supplied.
  • Template name - select the template that you will use to send your message. If you have variables in the template, then also specify them in the appropriate fields.
An example of filling in the fields: