VK integration

To connect Vkontakte to Usedesk, open "Channels" - "Vkontakte" section and click "Add".

1. Fill in "Group ID" - the required field, the value of which is copied in the group Vkontakte - section "Manage" - "API usage" - "Callback API". Click "Connect";

Allow Usedesk access to your VK group - click "Allow";

2. In the group channel and click "Get user key";

3. Fill in the form of authorization VK, if you are authorized - a form of access of the application to the group. Click "Allow";

4. Connect to the permissions group: to receive messages and send CSI scores:

  • Open the page of the group Contacts - "Manage" - "API usage" - "Callback API" - "Event types" and check these boxes;

  • Go to "Messages" - "Bot settings", click "Enabled";

5. After entering all the data in the channel setting press the "Save" button.

Once connected, messages to the group are sent to Usedesk, and messages to clients from Usedesk appear in VK. The same applies to comments on the group wall. If you keep correspondence from the group's discussions, the whole correspondence will be pulled to Usedesk. But you can't answer from Usedesk - it's a restriction on VK. That is why we have implemented the ability to quickly open the necessary discussion and pull up your responses on behalf of the system's group. So, in Usedesk, you will see the whole history of messages.

Note! Vkontakte does not allow the group to write to the user first, only vice versa.

Only the administrator of the group can enable Vkontakte.

If there is a client with Vkontakte ID is in Usedesk, the ticket will appear in the client's history. If the client has written for the first time, the client card will be automatically created.

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