Companies are a file of companies where your clients work. When interacting with several employees (clients) of one company, the general information is on the company card.

Open the section «Clients» → «Companies», and Usedesk will show you the companies' list in alphabetical order. The following functions are possible in the list of companies:

  • Searching for a company. The search bar is located at the top of the page above the list of companies. You can search by company name (partly or fully);
  • Filter the list of companies by tag;
  • Create company — the «Create a company» button. When creating a company, specify the domains (if there are several domains, then a comma) in the «Domains» field, and when creating a client with such a domain in the system, for example, will write you a letter, he will automatically attach to this company. An example of filling in the «Domains» field is @usedesk.ru.

Note! The company will attach itself if the client does not have a previously assigned company, i. e., the «Company» field in the client's card is empty.

  • Edit company. In the list of companies, select the company and click the icon with a pencil to edit it;
  • Browse company information without going to the company card: avatar, company name, employees, part of tickets and tags;
  • Go to the company card. Click on the avatar/company name/still to go to the company card;
  • Go to the list of tickets with the filter by tag. Click on a tag to go to the list of tickets with the filter by tag.

The company card contains detailed information about the company, employees that work in it (your clients), and tickets. Also, you can use the company card:

  • Search for tickets. You can search by client and subject of the request. To do this, enter your ticket (in part or in full) in the search box;
  • Sort tickets by status in the list of tickets, and clients by name in the list of clients;
  • Create a new client — click the «Create client» button;
  • Upload the list of requests in xlsx, csv, pdf format;
  • Display from 10 to 100 clients and tickets for viewing on one page;
  • Go to the ticket, client, and user card. To do this, select the appropriate fields in the list.

To delete a created company, click on the pencil icon and at the bottom of the editing card delete the company.

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