Companies are a file of companies where your clients work. When interacting with several employees (clients) of one company, the general information is on the company card.

Open the section «Clients» → «Companies», and Usedesk will show you the companies' list in alphabetical order. The following functions are possible in the list of companies:

  • Searching for a company. The search bar is located at the top of the page above the list of companies. You can search by company name (partly or fully);
  • Filter the list of companies by tag;
  • Create company — the «Create a company» button. When creating a company, specify the domains (if there are several domains, then a comma) in the «Domains» field, and when creating a client with such a domain in the system, for example, will write you a letter, he will automatically attach to this company. An example of filling in the «Domains» field is @usedesk.com.

Note! The company will attach itself if the client does not have a previously assigned company, i. e., the «Company» field in the client's card is empty.

  • Edit company. In the list of companies, select the company and click the icon with a pencil to edit it;
  • Browse company information without going to the company card: avatar, company name, employees, part of tickets and tags;
  • Go to the company card. Click on the avatar/company name/still to go to the company card;
  • Go to the list of tickets with the filter by tag. Click on a tag to go to the list of tickets with the filter by tag.

To create a company card, go to the «Companies» section and click «Create a company».

Fill in the required fields:

  • Name. A company name;
  • Domains. Users with e-mail addresses containing these domains will automatically be added to a company. Enter domains, separated by commas, for example @hogwarts.com. Important! A company will be attached if a client does not have a previously assigned company, i. e. the «Company» field in a client card is empty;
  • Telephone. A company telephone number;
  • Address. A company address;
  • Tags. Added tags will appear in all tickets from a company’s clients;
  • Note. Additional company information, if required;
  • VIP. E-mail addresses are added to a white list, which means that e-mails from employees of this company will always come;
  • Avatar. A company logo or any other image – with its help you will find a company in the list faster.

The company card contains detailed information about the company, employees that work in it (your clients), and tickets. Also, you can use the company card:

  • Search for tickets. You can search by client and subject of the request. To do this, enter your ticket (in part or in full) in the search box;
  • Sort tickets by status in the list of tickets, and clients by name in the list of clients;
  • Create a new client — click the «Create client» button;
  • Upload the list of requests in xlsx, csv, pdf format;
  • Display from 10 to 100 clients and tickets for viewing on one page;
  • Go to the ticket, client, and user card. To do this, select the appropriate fields in the list.

To delete a created company, click on the pencil icon and at the bottom of the editing card delete the company.