Widget. Send a file as an icon with the name, extension and the ability to download

Now your customers will not see immense, and incomprehensible links, if you send them a file or a picture in the widget.
What they will see in this update:
  • Stylish icons for a sound file, just a file or a picture;
  • File name and extension;
  • File size;
  • Ability to download (click on the icon or the word "Download")


Widget. Ability to download files up to 128 Mb

You didn't notice, but we did!
In the channel "Chat," for the widget added the ability to send and receive files up to 128 Mb in size. Therefore, if you use larger files in your correspondence with clients, our previous limitation of 15 Mb will not bother you anymore.


API. Parameter messengers to create/update the client

We added a new parameter - messengers - to the methods "Create a client" ( and "Update a client" (, which is specified as a contact in the client card.

Instagram. Tweaking the tooltips when connecting a channel

If you had problems with restoring the Instagram integration, for example, when you change your password in the application, this update is for you.
We've refined the tooltips when connecting Instagram, embedding step-by-step instructions for making a successful connection with Usedesk:
  • Removed unnecessary system error messages - no more confusion with unnecessary information;
  • Deactivated the "Send Code" button if the code is already sent and waiting to be verified. This will avoid double-clicking and interrupting the connection process;
  • We have made the page with connection automatically refresh - every 10 seconds if you have it open and are waiting for your account to be connected;
  • Finalized the text in the tooltip in case the app asks you to confirm the login attempt. Remember that the confirmation about the login attempt cannot be pressed by anyone who has access to an Instagram account until the channel is connected.


Triggers. Sending a message to everyone who copies.

To automatically send messages to customers, you can use the "Send Message" action.

We took into consideration the nuances of this action, namely, that the message should be received not only by the client who is specified in the request card (in the client block), but also by everyone who is set in the copy. That's why we added the setting "Send to all who are in the copy".

The copy includes:

  • recipients, if more than one is specified in the e-mail;
  • addresses that are defined in the copy of the mail;
  • addresses that are specified in the hidden copy of the message.


Chat. Working out the details in the interface

We made the chat system in the image of the request card and worked out the details:
  • arranged the buttons in the same order as in the request form, now there is less confusion;
  • finished drawing arrows that tell you which way the typing windows can be pulled (up/down), and patched the hole;
  • blocks (right, left and central) were outlined with frames and a scroll was added to each block - if the content does not fit into a block, the scroll will magically appear;
  • on mac os they fixed the move to the next line by combining the cmd+enter hotkeys;
  • long links are moved to the next line;
  • the beginning of the dialog has been implemented by analogy with popular messengers (start from the bottom).
  • finally, the chat now has more shades of gray.

For the company we redid the calendar for the whole system (filters, reports, reminders).


Triggers. Attaching file in messages/notifications action

The new feature in rules: we added file attachments from the system in messages and notifications.

The functionality has been added to:

  • Trigger with "Send e-mail" action.
  • Trigger with action "Send message.
  • Trigger with action "Create comment".
  • Trigger with action "Send notification to the agent".

If you select one of the proposed values for sending, the system adds files:

  • No attachments.
  • Attachments of the first message.
  • Attachments of the last message.
  • All attachments of the request.

Slack. Setting up notifications

Welcome to the world of Slack. If you use a corporate messenger like Slack, then feel free to set up notifications from Usedesk.

You'll need our POST request script and application to do this. No technical specialists and special skills are required. See instructions for details.

Requests. Displaying tables

If you get frequent table queries, this is a fix-refresh for you. We have learned how to display tables nicely in the request form.


Telegram. Sending pictures and files

In August, we began changing the display of images and files in messengers and social networks. Now it's Telegram's turn!
Now, if you send a picture or a file from Usedesk, full-fledged attachments will be displayed instead of a link.

Triggers. Ability to pass headers in the "POST request" action

Feel free to create rules with automatic POST requests: the "POST request" action now includes headers if they are obligatory in your system's API.