General updates


Office 365 mail connection

Since October Microsoft has changed the mail work procedure. The mail channel Office 365 is now connected in a slightly different way — you have to choose the «Office 365» item not only in the «Outgoing connection» section, but also in the «Incoming connection» section. The incoming connection is set up in the same way as the outgoing connection.

Also, for the incoming connection work in Azure Active Directory you have to turn on now the permission Mail.ReadWrite.
Those who already had a connected channel by the time of the update, do not need to reconnect anything— your mail will continue to work :)


Rules description

Previously, to understand the essence of the rule, you had to look at all its conditions. It was not very convenient — for example, if the rule was created by someone else, you had to waste time to understand how it worked.
We added a new «Description» field in the rule’s editor — now you can describe there the essence of the rule’s work with colleagues. Or, for example, leave notes on what the rule was created for.

To see the information about the rule, you do not need to enter edit mode — just hover over the necessary rule and click the «Information» icon.


Rules. A new condition

A new condition has appeared in the rule editor in the block «What» — «Last message from».

A condition has three parameters: agent, client, and bot.

With this condition the system will take into account the last external message in the ticket and check, who is it from.

The condition can be used, for example, by creating the following rule: if the client wrote in the chat and didn’t get any answer within 10 minutes, the notification about it should be sent to the chief’s email.


Telegram. Message replying and text copying

One of the most long-awaited updates: there is now a possibility to reply to messages in telegram chats of Usedesk! Both incoming and outgoing.
This new feature makes communication with clients much easier — especially, if many questions are discussed in the correspondence, or you came back with an answer to a message from a long time ago. When a person can see which message he is responded to, it’s much easier to get into context and understand, what it is about.

New functions «Reply» and «Copy» are only available in the Telegram + Usedesk integration with the bot.

To switch to reply mode, right click the needed message and click «Reply».

If necessary, the text message can be easily copied by two clicks.