Online/offline statuses of agents in tickets

Agent status — a function of queue distribution between agents at incoming calls. In Usedesk agent status is set up separately for tickets and chat.

On the tickets page, each agent has a status indicator for working with tickets, which allows excluding an agent from receiving tickets.

This indicator can also be found in the «Agents» section, where an agent with administrator rights can change the statuses for any of the agents, including itself. To quickly change the status, use the combination of hotkeys U+S.

Unlike the chat, setting up the assignment in tickets should be pre-configured in the rules. By default, all incoming tickets remain unassigned.
The rules of assigning incoming tickets can be applied to an individual agent and a group of agents, as well as assigning tickets to:
  • less loaded employees (online);
  • less busy employees — all agents specified in the rule, regardless of their status;
  • next in line agent(online);
  • next agent in turn — all agents specified in the rule, regardless of their status.
Note! Online/offline status does not work in tickets without a configured distribution rule.

The time an agent has spent in online status is counted in the total working hours of the chat report.