Tags are words or phrases related to the subject of the ticket. Tags are used to sort chat/ticket by topic and content. Filtering by tags will help you quickly find and process chats/tickets with the same content.
To add/remove a tag, click the button in the icons above the ticket subject. Start typing a tag and select the desired one from the drop-down list. If the tag is new, press the Tab or Enter button after typing to make the tag turn into a rectangle. To save/delete a tag, press the checkmark/ crosshair.

After saving, the tag will appear on the ticket card.

Tags are placed automatically if:

  • The request came through a certain channel. For example, Slack — tag «Slack», Gmail — tag «Gmail», etc.;
  • The «Add a tag» field is filled out in the settings of custom fields.

In addition, set up automatic change/delete tags using triggers and use tags to create triggers.

If a tag is used at least in one ticket, the system offers it in a drop-down menu, when the first letters are entered.

To remove a tag from the system memory, you need to remove it from all tickets, where it has ever been placed, including hidden tickets with the: «Spam/Deleted/Merged/Newsletter» statuses.