Using macroses

Basic macroses

To insert a macros with a ready response in the ticket, click on the button with a pinion and select a macros from the drop-down list.

Click on the «Macroses» icon to insert a macros with a ready answer in the chat.

Once you have inserted a macros into your answer text, you can add your own text as well. If you want to change the boldness, font size, and other parameters, use the format string.

Quick macroses

To invoke the quick macros search command in the ticket, type «#» in the answer box and Usedesk will show sample macroses (you can start typing additionally).

To invoke the search command or create a quick macros from the chat, type «/» (slash) and Usedesk will show you examples of macroses (you can start typing additionally).

Click on the desired option to insert a macros into the text entry field. Complete the answer if necessary.

If the desired macros is not listed, create a new macros. Enter all the text you want to include in the macros and click «Save macros».

Additionally, edit or delete existing macroses. To do this, select the desired macros and use the «Delete macros» button (to edit, delete the personal macros, edit the text and click «Save macros»).