Usedesk widget

Usedesk widget — a multifunctional tool on your website for quick search of answers, which combines chat, feedback form, messengers, knowledge base, and other channels (via an external link).

This article will superficially introduce you to the functions of the widget.
If you already know how the widget works, you can go straight to the following articles:

There is no limit on the number of widgets you can create. Configure separate widgets with individual parameters for different pages of the site. Only the total number of icons in one widget is limited to 10.


When contacting support, customers appreciate the speed of response. We have made a chat with a simple interface that helps the client to get a quick answer to a question, the agent to spend a minimum of effort in answering, and his manager to easily collect statistics on tickets.

Feedback form

Use the feedback form in conjunction with a chat room or separately, collecting requests from customers even outside your company's business hours. All information will go to the «Tickets» section, and you will be able to process the request, which came in outside of business hours.

Feedback form and chat are under one button in the widget, so you specify when and how to display the feedback form and chat in the settings.

Messengers and social media

Connect messengers and social networks into a widget, expanding the client's channels to contact your company.

The knowledge base

Use the knowledge base in the Usedesk widget, allowing the client to find the answers to the questions themselves. If you have more than one knowledge base in your account, choose what you want to display in that particular widget. Add any number of widgets to a website with different knowledge bases.

Articles in your knowledge base are displayed in the widget according to the separation hierarchy. If the knowledge base has one section and one category, a list of articles will be displayed immediately.