Avantel telephony integration

1. To connect Avantel telephony, go to the «Channels» section and click «Add Channel».

2. Click on «Telephony».

3. Fill in the «Channel name», which will be displayed in the general channel list in the «Channels» section and when working with calls.

4. Select «Avantel» telephony.

5. Copy the webhook address that is specified in the «Webhook for forwarding» field and click «Save».

6. Go to your personal Avantel cabinet, select the settings for working with API and use the webhook address above as a third-party CRM address.
Note! Settings may differ from operator to operator, so it is best to contact Avantel support to help with connection. If you need any advice or additional help, write us at support@usedesk.com.

For more information on how telephony works in UseDesk, please see here.