API. Webhook request when sending outgoing messages to the WhatsApp channel

In June, there is a new possibility to initialize messages from Usedesk to WhatsApp via API.

When sending a message to the WhatsApp channel, the server returns two statuses:

  • delivered - success when sending the API-request;
  • not delivered - not successful at sending API-request. For example, if the channel is disabled.
To understand whether a message has reached WhatsApp or not, we added a webhook request.
To do this, specify the address to which the request will be sent in the Usedesk API channel. If you successfully send a message to WhatsApp, the request will look like this:


API. New settings in the agent update method

With the help of the API you can change the status of a user in chat and tickets. New parameters have been added to the user update method (https://api.usedesk.ru/update/user):

  • chat_online_status - user status in the chat;
  • ticket_online_status - user status in a ticket.

The values that can accept parameters are "true" or "false".

Tickets. Working with addresses in copy

We have improved the logic of working with the "Copy" field in the ticket. The field automatically pulls up the email of correspondence participants, i.e. it is any sender or recipient of the request, except:

  • email of the current client (from the ticket);
  • email, which is set up in the email channel.
This way, you will not lose participants in correspondence, for example, if a participant from a copy of the letter joins correspondence between the sender and the recipient.


API. Modification of lists array in request updater method

In the query update method (https://api.usedesk.ru/update/ticket) we replaced the name of the connected_list parameter with lists and added the ability to clear fields.
To clear an additional field with the type "nested list" specify an empty value or "null". When clearing the fields of the first level, the subsequent ones are not cleared.


API. Refinement of artist assignment parameter in methods of ticket creation and updating

In the methods of creating (https://api.usedesk.ru/create/ticket) and updating (https://api.usedesk.ru/update/ticket) a request, we have improved the assignment of an employee as an executor of the request within a certain group, because previously the assignment was only for the "default" group.
  • If both the assignee_id and group_id parameters are filled in, the query is assigned to the employee, checking if he is in the group that is specified in group_id. If it is - it is assigned to this group;
  • If only the group_id parameter is filled - assign the request to this group;
  • If the assignee_id parameter is filled only - assign the request to the default group's selected agent.


For every event in Usedesk, we send a separate request for a webhook

We are gradually improving our API, and now we send a separate request to the webhook for each event, including when the actions take place simultaneously.
For example, when you change status and send a response to the client, wait for two webhook requests: one about the status change, the other about the message.