Customizing the tickets table

Added the ability to customize the tickets table. What can be done:

  • show / hide any current table columns;
  • swap any speakers;
  • display the last comment of the ticket;
  • display the priority of the ticket;
  • display the ticket number;
  • display any additional ticket field.

Expansion is paid.

Refinement of the Knowledge Base API

Now you can choose a picture for the section, which you can then "pull" using the API. These pictures do not yet fall into the knowledge base itself.

We added accounting for custom sorting of sections, categories and articles when issuing to the API. As in the interface, we set the structure, so we get in the API.

Added getting the id of the section to which the article belongs when getting a list of articles or a separate article.

Accelerated the processing of API requests

Accelerated processing of API requests

Menu "Agents"

Brought the item "Agents" from the "Settings" in the main menu. Transferred to it the item "Agent Groups".

Menu "Extensions"

Renamed the item "Integration" to "Extensions".

Customize Widget Buttons

We brought in a separate block the settings of the widget items that the user sees when the widget is opened. Now you can separately disable in the Chat / Feedback widget, the knowledge base, instant messengers.

Button to mention employee

They added a button to the employee editor to the comment editor panel. You can simply click on the button, and the system will set the "@" symbol in the place where the cursor was.

Agent name in chat

Added the agent's name in the chat - for cases when several employees communicate with the same client. Remembering all avatars is now optional.

Creating a client through the API

Now clients can be created through the API: Clients.


Delay for "Missed"

If the client wrote to you in the chat on the site but did not wait for the operator to answer and left the site (closed the browser or tab), the chat is considered to be missed. Enter in this field the number of seconds the client has to return. For example, if the value is 10 seconds, and the client closed the tab and opened it again after 7 seconds, the chat will not be marked as skipped.

Leave 0 if you need to do this immediately, as the customer has left.

Accounting of Bot answers in Reports

As you know, all the answers on the automatic rules go on behalf of Bot. Previously, they were not taken into account by the system, and it was impossible to generate a report on them. Now it is possible to do it. This is necessary in order to understand how effectively the rules are set up, and how often the problem is solved with a single bot (without involving the agent).

  1. Getting a list of tickets

Added to the methods: List of clients and Separate client - getting a list of tickets that are tied to the client.

Added the "client id" parameter to get the Ticket List - allows you to get a list of tickets for a specific client.

Menu "Panel"

Hid from the list of the main points of the system menu "Panel".

Menu "Blocks"

Transferred from the list of main points of the system menu "Blocks" in the "Settings".

Menu "Settings"

Change the icon of the "Settings" menu to more intuitive.

Agent status

Changed the button to switch the agent's status in the chat, list of the ticket, lists of agents.

Widget waves

Modified the widget waves.


Knowledge Base API

Formed our API on the knowledge base: Knowledge base

Now you can interact with the KB through the API. The documentation is currently under expansion.

Whatsapp new provider "Pact."

A new provider through which you can integrate with WhatsApp: in this regard, it is expected to increase stability and simplify the connection.

Image view gallery

TIn the ticket now can view all images that the client sent as part of a comment at once. You can switch images between themselves through the interface's buttons or using the arrows on the keyboard.

Chat image preview

In the chat is now displayed image preview.

Preview images in chat

In the chat, you can now open images for viewing without downloading.


Display additional fields in the ticket

The item "Add to ticket interface" appeared in the settings of the additional field. If it is enabled, the system displays this field in the ticket.

Yandex Chat

Made the instructions for connecting Yandex Chat.

Agent Status in Tickets

Added agents status (online/offline) for tickets - by analogy with the status in chat rooms. Also added an action in the automatic rules that will respond to this status: "Assign to any agent (online)". Accordingly, you can now configure the system so that it assigns tickets only to active agents.

Customize waves in a widget

Now you can customize how many times the widget will be animated, attracting attention.

Widget API

Expanded widget API. Documentation can be found here:

"Attachment" condition

The condition of the "Attachments" rule can now be more flexibly configured. The problem was that the primary message could be some kind of internal system message.

Ticket with type "Comment" in the status of "New."

When creating a new ticket with an internal commentary, it will remain in the "New" status.

A message with picture from Telegram

If you send a picture with a signature via Telegram, all the information will go into the system.

Saving information when reloading the page

If you write a comment and attach a file, then refresh the page - the system will remember everything you wrote and attached.

Counter in widget

If the client closes the widget, and after that, the agent writes something to him - the system will show the unread message counter on the widget.

Setting Feedback form

We added all the settings of the Feedback Form under one unit, simplified them and expanded the functionality. Now you can change the theme of the appeal and indicate the obligation to fill in any additional fields.