Buttons in the chat

To enhance chat automatization and get some details from a client by the moment a user joins the chat, you may add buttons with response options to the widget — like in Facebook messenger or Viber.

That's how they look like:.

Button customization

The buttons in the widget can be customized in three ways:

1. In the widget settings.
The welcome message (the “Greeting” field in the widget settings) specify the buttons' names by wrapping them in variables. For example: {{button: Description ;;; noshow}}, where "Description" is the name of the button; An example of a welcome message in the widget settings:

2. In the rules.

After a specific message from the client (here, you need to think about which words or phrases the buttons will pop up). To do this, you need to add buttons via rules; An example of a configured rule:

3. Using the API. More details are written in the documentation (item "Buttons in the widget"). An example of how buttons in a chat widget might look like:

One more lifehack! By adding buttons to the chat starting message (see the field Greeting in the Chat section of the widget settings) you can give specific directions to the conversation from the very beginning:

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