Chat assignment using triggers

Now you can use triggers with the action "Assign to any agent online" not only for regular tickets but also for chats. If some chats are not assigned with the trigger by any reason, they will be distributed automatically among all users online. Triggers allow you to configure more flexible and accurate ticket allocation.

Chat sorting

Chat sorting made it difficult for users to handle chat dialogues at high message flow. We have refined it. Now all new dialogues are always displayed on top. If a chat has been closed and then reopened, it goes up as well.

API channel filtering

You can specify channels that API must monitor. Only they will trigger API if changed. This option helps to lower the API workload and get necessary data only.

Segregation of requests from VK

It has been difficult to figure out what kind of VK message appeared in Usedesk (wall post, private message or community discussion). Now each message is tagged accordingly. As with others, you can filter tickets by these tags or use them in triggers.

Widget buttons

From now on, you can display custom buttons in the widget. This option is available via API so far, but we will release interface soon.

Working schedule of user groups

Now you can set working hours for each user group separately in its settings. Consequently, triggers based on the work schedule will be applied another way, and SLA will be counted more accurately. Thus, you can make a better system configuration for specific user groups if their working hours are different from the general schedule.


  1. Automatic assignment

You can add operator IDs to users' profiles for the automatic assignment of incoming calls. The system will then figure out which user has picked up the phone and assign the relevant ticket to that user.

Knowledge base. Sharing

We have added the option of sharing articles of the knowledge base in a few social media, such as:

  • Facebook
  • VK
  • Odnoklassniki

The function may be switched on/off on the article settings page.

Knowledge base. Rating

You can get feedback from your customers about how useful and informative the knowledge base articles are. A customer can answer the question "Do you like the article?" below each article and if pressing "No", he/she can leave a comment to describe what can be improved. This comment with the link to the article appears as a ticket in Usedesk received via API channel.

Besides, we added rating parameters to API documentation: Knowledge base.

  1. Custom fields

By popular demand, we have added custom fields to the chat page, so you don't have to move to the ticket to edit the fields. They appear right above the chat dialogue.

  1. Ticket list

Now you can partly integrate Usedesk with JIRA. For that purpose, you shall add a custom field for JIRA task number and a dynamic block that will appear on the ticket page and display the information from JIRA. More information: https://docs.usedesk.ru/article/8784

AmoCRM leads in Usedesk profile

By analogy with JIRA now you can get leads to form your CRM on the ticket page. Click here for details: https://docs.usedesk.ru/article/8996.