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With the forms in the widget chat you can request additional data from the client: e-mail, phone, name, position or any information in text form.

The forms help to automate part of the correspondence, receive input data before the support agent takes over the dialogue.

The form code can be added to any outgoing message — it can be inserted in the widget welcome message, in the rules, regular agent response, templates, using the API. You can send a form to the client from several fields or from one.

Form creation

To create a form, use this constructor:

text {{form;{name};{associate};{required}}

Parameters you can transmit:

  • text — any text that will be printed before the form,
  • form — service form identifier,
  • name — field header,
  • associate — variable into which the information entered in the field is added. List of possible variables:
    • email — customer’s mail
    • phone — client’s phone
    • name — client’s name
    • note — client’s note, any text
    • position — Customer’s Position
    • n — any number that will be used as the id of the additional query field
  • required — the required field (if there isn’t any, then it’s not required). Accepts true/false values.

This is how the form will look in the widget:

And this is what this form looks like in text form:

Cases: how forms are useful

1. Client Data Update

Operators often fill in customer data manually - for example, ask the client’s phone to send the information to order SMS, then wait for the answer, and after receiving it, go to the client’s card and enter the data manually. The process takes time!

To automate it and improve SLA performance, you can use forms. For example, create a template called «Request Phone», which will contain a form. An agent in two clicks sends a template with a uniform. When the client completes it, the data will be automatically uploaded to Youdesk client card. The client will receive a request to specify a phone number, enter it, and the system will automatically pull it into the client card.

2. Filling in additional fields

Additional fields — are great opportunities for automation, including in the context of forms. You can create additional field «age», «date of birth». Or, for example, the field «type of your question», and suggest the client to choose the topic of the question yourself, and then to adjust the priority or appointment of the agent depending on the selected topic.

When the client completes the form with additional fields, all the data entered will be automatically uploaded to the request card in Usedesk.

Form examples

In the Greeting Message settings in the widget

In the rules

In the agent’s message

In the macros

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