Chat. Setting blocks

Added the ability to customize the size of the blocks for yourself. You can appreciate the convenience if you expand the column with additional information about the client. For example, it can be a table from Retail CRM in an additional block.

Interface. Rounded avatars

Since we have learned how to pull up the actual avatar into the client's card, why not make it more presentable. You will now see your clients' rounded avatars in the chat card, request, and in the "Clients" section.


API. Extending the widget initialization method

Added the ability to specify additional fields and their values to the initialization method of the window.usedeskMessenger.userIdentify widget.
When transferring system values, fill in additional fields in the request card.

We can also pass these parameters separately using the window.usedeskMessenger.setAdditionalFields method. When passing values, the system will update additional fields in the request card


Client's card. Copying contact information

We added a copy button next to the contact information in the customer card. You no longer need to waste a lot of time if you transfer contact information to other systems. The function appeared in the section "Chat", "Requests", "Clients", and also works in the browser of the mobile version.


Integration. Glavred

We have temporarily disabled integration with Glavred. In the future, we are planning to resume it, as part of the payment functions because of the Glavred policy changes.


API. Bot comment and bug awareness

In the method for creating a comment (https://api.usedesk.ru/create/comment) in the from parameter, if you pass the user value, but do not specify the user_id, the comment will be created on behalf of the bot.
Additionally, instead of 500, you will see the correct error:


Knowledge base. Removed copy function in sections and categories

The main element in the knowledge base is articles; the user relies on them and works with them. Categories and Sections are the folders in which these articles are stored. We removed the function to copy "Section" and "Category" because attachments are copied when clicked. For work, use the copy function in articles, duplicating information.

Rules. Client_email variable

Today we pass the "client_email" working variable in the "Send email" action.
If you write a variable in the recipient's address field, then the address will be replaced with the client's mail from the request card for which the rule will work


Requests. The layout of correspondence quotes

We worked on the layout of quotes in the request card, removing unnecessary indents. The editor was also involved.


Channel availability notifications

To speed up viewing a channel's unavailability, we added the "No messages" setting.
This setting goes next to a notification that will track the absence of messages from customers in a specific channel for n-time. For details, see the instructions.