Tinkoff Quality Management: speech analytics

The Speech analytics from Tinkoff is a machine learning-based platform, called Tinko Quality Management. It analyzes calls and chats and automates the quality control of communications.

The platform provides a service for wiretapping and analyzing phone calls and chats. It is a place where employees of different levels: operators, managers and executives, can work with communications.

The Speech analytics is suitable for companies where there is a lot of communication with clients in chats and by phone, and where it is important to monitor the quality of client communications. For example, banks, insurance companies, companies in the sphere of retail, e-commerce, transport and logistics, and aggregators.

Important! The integration with Tinkoff Quality Management is chargeable. For an initial connection please contact support@usedesk.com.

At the moment the integration allows you to analyze only text channels, without calls that go through Usedesk.

The platform works with the Russian language. Other languages — on request: leave a request to the tinkoff manager by mail tqm_sales@tinkoff.ru.

Which business tasks will be solved by the integration

The platform helps businesses to improve communication with clients and thereby increase sales. Here are the tasks that can be solved with the help of the Speech analytics:

  • Analyzing text of 100% tickets. If your company has a large flow of tickets, you can manually read and rate only a small part of a total number. The speech analytics analyzes about one million tickets in 5–10 minutes and automatically makes reports on them;
  • Improve agent work, encourage employees, and build a transparent motivation system. On the speech analytics platform, an agent can see his statistics on communication, a percentage of errors or successful tickets. The same platform allows a quality control department employee or a manager to rate agents and give them recommendations, e. g. which skills to pay attention to. Agent reports allow to decide on encouraging of the most successful employees;
  • Reduce staff workload. The speech analytics will take care of reading, rating, and analyzing tickets — no more staff bloating, employees can switch to more creative tasks;
  • Identify conflicting employees and frequent causes of client negativity. The tool allows to identify negativity by a text;
  • Improve scripts. You can use auto-assessment forms in the speech analytics to check, how an agent handles dialogue scripts. The platform will also highlight frequent problems in dialogues so that you can improve scripts.

Integration connection

To connect Usedesk to the Speech analytics, you need to do the following:

1. Register at the Tinkoff Software platform. For the detailed registration instructions, follow this link.

2. In your personal Tinkoff Software account, go to «TQM» and copy the TQM access key.

3. Go to the «Extensions» section and check, if the «Speech Analytics» extension is enabled.

4. Open the «Settings» section → «Speech analytics».

5. Paste the copied key in your personal Tinkoff Software account in the «Secret key» field:

6. Check, if the checkbox «turned on» is ticked, and click the «Save» button:

7. Done, the integration is connected!

Read more about the integration possibilities in the Speech analytics Knowledge base.


  • Only tickets with the «Closed» status are transferred from Usedesk to the personal Tinkoff Quality Management account;
  • If a ticket contains only a message from a client, but no message from an agent, such a ticket is not transferred;
  • If a ticket is reopened (from the closed status) and correspondence continues in it, it will not be updated in Tinkoff Quality Management;
  • After importing users into the Tinkoff Quality Management via the API, users will receive e-mails with logins and passwords to enter the Tinkoff Quality Management.