Zapier is a service that links Usedesk with 750+ applications and services. You can automatically export, create and update tickets or send notifications to other services.

Integration concept

You do not need a programmer to integrate Usedesk with other services through Zapier. You create a trigger that will perform the action in another service based on the Usedesk event, or vice versa. These triggers that link services are called zaps.

You can collect a zap on the basis of two events in Usedesk:
  • Create and update the ticket, add a comment;
  • Find tag, client, ticket.

With zap you can:

  • Create a card in Trello;
  • Send a request notification to the Slack;
  • Create a request in Usedesk from Google Sheets cells data;
  • Find a new subscriber from Mailchimps in Usedesk and create a ticket on him.

Popular applications for integration:

Setting up integration

Open the "Extensions" section and check if the integration ("ON" for "Zapier") is enabled;

Go to "Channels" - "Zapier" - click "Add";

Let's look at an example of creating a card in Trello based on a new ticket in Usedesk.

1. Visit Zapier byinvitation from UseDesk;

2. Accept the invitation and register (or log in if you already have an account);

3. Create the first zap with Usedesk
There are four events from which triggers are created:
  • A new ticket has arrived;
  • Ticket updated - status, assignee, tag, etc. has changed.
  • The client has set a rating (SCI);
  • An internal comment has been added to the ticket.

For example, let's create a card in Trello on a new ticket. To do this, select "New Ticket" and press "CONTINUE" button.

4. Copy the webhook link;

5. Open Usedesk and paste the copied link into Zapier channel settings;

6.Check the connection: create any new ticket - send an e-mail to Usedesk (this is necessary to ensure that Zapier receives all the parameters of the ticket - subject, content, email and client name, status, etc.). Then it will be able to operate on these variables and pass them to other services);

7. Press "+" and select Trello from the list of applications;

8. Select the action "Create Card";

9. Go to your Trello account, select the board and the sheet where the new card will be sent. Request variables from Usedesk will be sent to the corresponding fields of the card in Trello. For example, we will send a message text and an email to the name of the card.

Test it!

You can create a few more steps and link this zap to other services.
Don't forget to turn on the zap to make it work with the button in the top right corner.