API channel configuration

To create an API channel open «Channels» — «Add channel» — click «API».

After adding a channel, three blocks for adjustment appear on the page: «API», «Tracking tickets», «Tracking chat».

API Block

  • Channel name — enter the name of the channel that will be displayed in the general list of channels in the «Channels» section;
  • Redirect URL — your webhook to which Usedesk API-channel should send requests when specific events occur on the channels being tracked (you define their list in «Tracking tickets», «Tracking chats» blocks);
  • JSON request — check the box if you want to convert the request into JSON format;
  • Send to UTF-8 — tick the checkbox to send the request in this format;
  • Watch channels — move to the right column those Usedesk channels by which this API-channel should track the events marked by checkboxes in the «Tracking tickets», «Tracking chat» blocks. Leave unneeded channels in the left column. This distinction will reduce the load on the API-channel and get rid of unnecessary data.

Tracking Tickets and Tracking Chat Blocks
Tick the checkboxes for those events where the channel should send requests to your Redirect URL.

After making all changes, click «Save».

After saving, fields appear in the API block:

  • app ID;
  • app secret key is an API token — a channel through which you can work with the API.