General report. Upload, history, and readiness notifications

Now the main report can be uploaded and downloaded in .csv (Excel) format. There are two types of general reports:

  • Tickets (by date of update) – tickets in the statuses "New", "Open", "Completed", "Closed", "On hold", "Pending". The report includes tickets that have been updated one or more times during the specified period.

  • Tickets (by date of creation) – tickets for all statuses. The report contains tickets that were created during the specified period.

The uploaded report is saved in history, and you can always download it at any convenient time. The administrator sees all reports that were requested by agents, the others – only their reports.

In order to know when the report is ready and not to check the status manually, we have added notifications. To enable them, go to the "Agents" section and click on the icon with a face opposite the required agent:

Scroll down the page to the "Notifications" section and check the boxes that suit you in the "Reports" section. Unloading":

If you check the box "Inbox," letters with links for downloading ready-made reports will be sent to the agent's email address.

Read more about the main report in the article.


E-mail channel. Work with copies

If you need to add or remove all participants in a correspondence from copies, then you can do this using the buttons:

  • Add all – the system will add all ticket participants to the copy to the existing addresses. If there are no other ticket participants in the ticket card (except for the client), then the button will not be displayed;
  • Remove All – an icon, when you hover over which, you can remove all participants from the Cc / Bcc field.


Chat. Choosing a status at the end of a chat

In the chat card, you can now not only complete (transfer to the "Completed" status), but also select a specific chat status:
  • Pending
  • On hold
  • Closed
  • Deleted
  • Spam
  • Newsletter
The status will change from "New" to "Open" when replying to a new message.

Chat now responds to CSI settings
Important! The CSI does not respond to the "New" and "Open" status so that the score is not sent every time the agent replies.


API. Files in webhooks

The webhooks started serving files attached to the message:
  • creating a ticket;
  • creating a comment;
  • create a chat/chat message

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