SLA on the ticket card

SLA (Service Level Agreement) — service level agreement used to control employees' responses to clients' messages.

In the ticket card in the top pane, the SLA button shows which policy is applied to this ticket (more information about SLA setup here). To change the SLA policy:

  • Manually — click on the SLA policy panel in the ticket card and change the policy manually;

  • With triggers — prescribe individual triggers for the configured SLA policy that will be applied automatically.

If the policy is changed (manually or via a trigger), a service comment will be displayed on the ticket card.

Additionally, work with the SLA policy in the general ticket list:

  • Column «SLA» in the list of tickets shows the time frame when the client needs to respond. Each request has two SLA metrics: the time of the first response (in case of further correspondence, it will be changed to the time of the subsequent response) and the time before the ticket execution. If one of the SLA metrics is empty in the SLA policy settings, the query list column will not appear. SLA metrics are sorted by increasing or decreasing the first/following response. If your team does not work 24/7, all you need to do is click on the column name in the morning after the weekend and respond to more urgent tickets;
  • Filter by SLA above the list of tickets. Use it to assess the situation in case of an unexpected «crash» and immediately proceed to the processing of tickets by the required metric.