You can use our SDK for iOS and Android to integrate quickly your software with Usedesk.
The instruction on adding the SDK to your app and its launching can be found here:
You can read detailed articles about the interaction with the SDK in our SDK Knowledge base.

The library with the GUI for iOS is installed only with Cocoapods. Only the version without the GUI can be used to install via the SPM.

The GUI SDK is made for demonstration purposes — you can alway write your own, using the methods, «sewn» in our SDK.

If you are not planning to use the SDK, the API-channel can be set for the integration with Usedesk. It will help to get requests about a new chat and messages within the chat, and then reply to messages in the chat using the appropriate method — they are all described in the documentation.

If an error occurs while sending a message, the system will display a notification «Failed to send a message. Please e-mail us at» in the upper right corner.

An error will only be visible when sending from the ticket interface.

Our support will advise you what to do.