Chat components

Chat is a place for the fastest possible processing of customer requests that come to Usedesk.

Chat receives requests from such channels as:

Open the «Chat» section, and Usedesk will show you the list of dialogues with distribution by system filters. Select the dialogue you want to work with — a chat card (operator's workplace) will open.
The operator workplace in a chat can be divided into four blocks:
  • Upper block — allows you to work with the parameters of the chat: change assignee, add tags, fill in additional fields, go to the ticket, end the dialog, use cobrowsing;
  • Left block — contains a list of dialogs and user status in the network;
  • Right block — consists of information about the client and external connections;
  • Central block — correspondence with the client and field for reply.

Note! Added the ability to customize the size of the blocks for yourself. You can appreciate the convenience if you expand the column with additional information about the client. For example, it can be a table from Retail CRM in an additional block.

You can find more details about working with the chat here.