CSI Report

The report shows how many evaluation requests were sent to clients in the selected period, how many of them clients responded to and how.

  • Total evaluation tickets — number of requests sent for evaluation for the selected period;
  • Rated amount — the number of evaluation requests, from the total number of evaluation requests sent for the selected period in % (evaluation requests / total evaluation requests * 100);
  • From the total number of tickets — the number of requests rated, of the total number of all requests sent for evaluation for the selected period (requests with the status «Deleted», «Spam», «Send» are not taken into account in the calculation) in %, i. e. these are all requests for the selected period / tickets which has been rated * 100. The total number of new requests can be viewed in the main report — this is the parameter «New for the period» + «Merged».

Under the diagrams, you will see a table with all rated tickets. The request numbers are clickable; you can go straight to the required one to parse the error in more detail. Ratings can be filtered by channels, users and tags, and the report itself can be downloaded in .csv table format.