Adding and removing an agent

Open the «Users» section, click «Create user».

1. Fill in the required fields:

  • Email. The employee will receive an invitation to Usedesk by mail, will be able to use this address for logging in as a login, will receive notifications. Usedesk will warn you about an error when you enter the same mail from a user;
  • Name. Enter a name or last name as is customary in your company.

2. Enter your login password for Usedesk. Password can be set by yourself or the system (check/uncheck the «Generate password» box). Additionally, an employee can use the «Forgot password» option when logging into Usedesk.

3. Enter information about the employee into the user's card:

  • Position. Specify by your organizational structure;
  • Phone. Specify a mobile or work phone to be viewed by other company employees;
  • Language. Select the interface language: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Kazakh.

4. Select the user role for the employee:

  • The administrator manages the system settings, has access to all sections, and can assign rights to employees;
  • The support user communicates with the company's clients — the support staff. The support user can allow agents to change settings and create new macros and triggers;
  • An internal employee leaves comments for company employees, cannot write to clients directly. These are employees of any departments whose help is required when solving a client's question (for example, IT department, accounting, etc.)

5. Specify the employee's group, as the employee will be assigned group rights.
By default, all employees are added to the «Support team» group. If you need to set up permissions for an individual employee, create a group for that employee in the «Users» — «Create user group» section.

6. Check the «Send invitation» checkbox at the bottom of the page.

The employee will receive an email invitation with a login and password for entering and a link to Usedesk. The login will correspond to the specified mail in the agent's card, and the password will be set independently or systematically.

After entering all the data, click «Save».

The system has a limit for sending invitation e-mails per day. A number of invitations per day = a max number of agents + a max number of internal employees in a company. By default, you can create 10 agents and 3 internal employees in the system. You can see the limits for agents and employees in «Settings» → «Limits».

Edit the user card

To edit a user card, click on the «Edit» pencil icon in the «Users» section.

An employee in the role of administrator and an employee in the group with such rights can add new users and edit user cards.