Albato is a service that links Usedesk with 118 applications and services. To integrate with UseDesk, take advantage of the trial period - 14 days for testing, during which you can configure the desired integration and test their work.

Integration concept

You do not need a programmer to integrate Usedesk with other services through Albato. You create and run a bunch of Usedesk with the selected service. Transmission of data from Usedesk is done through the API and runs on the "Trigger event", and is made on the "Target action".

"The trigger event" is for Usedesk:
  • Comment added;
  • Ticket created;
  • Ticket update
"Targeted action" for Usedesk:
  • Create ticket;
  • Update ticket by ID;
  • Find ticket by ID;
  • Add comment;
  • Find tag;
  • Find client
Setting up integration

1. To integrate, you need to configure the connections that you will use. One of them is your account in Usedesk.

2. Next, create a bunch of Usedesk with the selected partner or vice versa (partner with Usedesk). Fill in the fields "Fetch data from" and "Send data to".

3. Select from the list of "Trigger event", by which the integration is started, and "Target action", which will be performed.

Example of filling in fields for data transfer from a partner to Usedesk:

4. Configure the conversion of your data into the system, fill in the appropriate fields. Fill in additional settings, if necessary.

5. Run the ligament and test the integration.