Additional channel settings

Some channels in Usedesk have additional settings that allow you to improve support performance and automate processes. To see them, open the appropriate channel:

  • Delay for missed chats — the number of seconds that a chat will be considered skipped if the agent does not respond to the client. The setting is only available in a widget channel.

    The system only responds to the agent’s first response in new or rediscovered chats. The time is counted from the moment when the client texted the message and closed the chat or page, until the first response of the operator.

    At a blank value, the system will automatically convert the number of seconds to 0 and no chat will be considered skipped.

    Continue work with missed chats agent can in the section «Queries» — filter «Skipped chats» (or choose in the chat filter «Skipped»);
  • Maximum chats per agent — specify the maximum amount of chats that can be a single agent. The system distributes chat rooms evenly among all agents up to the specified amount in the setting. When the limit is reached, the rest of the chat rooms will remain unassigned.

    However, if there is a rule that includes the assignment action, the assignment will fail when the limit is reached (all other actions of the rule will be followed). The limit refers to allocations by bot or triggers with the «Assign to a next agent» and «Assign to a busy agent» actions, and does not refer to tickets that have been reopened by a client message, assigned to an agent manually, or through the «Update Executor» action.

    If the value is blank, the system will automatically reset the number of chats to zero and the chat distribution will work without limit on the amount of chats;
  • Automatic distribution — the system will assign another agent as the chat assignee if the client writes a message to the chat, and the current assignee will be in the «Offline» status. Usedesk will appoint an agent with the «Online» status with the least number of chats as the assigneer. Read more about automatic distribution at the link;
  • Only allowed to terminate your chats — the agent will be able to end only those chats that are assigned to him;
  • No messages (h) — if no new messages appear in the channel within the specified number of hours, Usedesk will send a notification to the administrators.