General updates


Tinkoff Quality Management: Speech analytics

Usedesk has a new integration with the Speech analytics service from Tinkoff. The Speech analytics from Tinkoff is a machine learning-based platform called Tinkoff Quality Management. It analyzes tickets and automates quality control of communications.

The service can analyze a text of about a million tickets in 5-10 minutes and automatically make reports on them. For example, the system can check if your agents greet clients and downgrade those who don't.

The Speech analytics is suitable for companies that need to monitor quality of client communications.

Read more details about the integration in the new article, following the link.



Without extra words: Usedesk finally has integration with Bitrix24! With its help, you can create leads and deals from a ticket card, as well as view information about a current status of your clients and deals on them directly in Usedesk.

Read about the connection and integration options in the new article at the link.


Knowledge Base. New styles

We have created new Knowledge Base styles. Now you can choose which styles you want to use in the Base edit mode:

Not everyone has this feature yet. The point is, if you have your own Knowledge Base styles in scripts of headers and footers, switching to the new styles can "break" your styles.

To avoid this, we are enabling the feature on-demand. If you want to try these new styles, write to support at support@usedesk.com — we will include a setting for you for switching styles.

The new form of the Knowledge Base is more practical and beautiful - read about the details below.

P. s. That's not all — the new styles are still being finalized! Stay tuned :)

Displaying the list of articles

When clients read an article in the Knowledge Base, they may need to read another article in the same category. To do this, they had to go back to the category and examine the list of articles to find the right one.

In the new Knowledge Base style, the list of articles is displayed immediately below the category name:

Image size

Previously, large images in articles had to be sized through an html-code – otherwise, they could «move» beyond a text and even a screen.

Now even large pictures won't be wider than an article by default.

Table styles

In the new styles, tables have become more beautiful — they have borders:


Previously, the field with the «Categories» header was separate, as if it was a separate block.

We deleted the empty spaces below and above the header - now the interface of the Base looks more logical:



A lot of updates on the widget have been released this month. And that's not even all: more to come!

Message input field

The field for entering a message has become easier and nicer - we deleted the frame and replaced the tooltip text with a more concise:

Buttons for sending messages and attachments

In January we changed the logic of displaying buttons for sending messages and attachments — now they are not shown at the same time, because you can only attach a file separately, without a text message.

We also did a little update, adding an animation when you change from one button to another.


1) The text inside the buttons has now increased indents - now buttons with a long text look nicer.

2) If a text inside the button is too long, there will be an ellipsis at the end of a displayed text, and when you hover over the button, its full text will appear:



If there was an error when sending a message, it became a regular internal comment, and it was not always clear what was wrong.

We have a new universal system for dealing with errors:

  • now, if a message was sent incorrectly, it will become an internal comment with the red background instead of the yellow one;
  • a notification appears in the upper right corner explaining an error;
  • Usedesk started to process recognize more errors - reasons in a notification will be more specific;
  • if an error cause is not specified in Usedesk, the system will offer to contact our support in order to promptly resolve a problem.

The interface has become clearer, and you will always know what to do :)


Mailbox. Variables in e-mails

Previously, if you used a variable in an e-mail that does not exist in Usedesk, the system would cut it out of a text. Now unknown variables remain in a text.

This enhancement will help those, whose emails are not sent directly from Usedesk, but first go through their service, where a variable can "pick up" necessary data.



Widget. Callback when replying to a closed widget

We added a new callback, which can be used to execute actions when a new message from an agent comes to a minimized initiated chat. It can be used, for example, to open a minimized widget to a client when an agent message comes to it.

You can see an example in our API documentation at the link.