WhatsApp integration

The Whatsapp connection is included in the paid package, so we will activate the integration after payment confirmation. For more details and to leave a request for connection, write us at support@usedesk.ru.
We connect it through a third-party service. It simulates the WhatsApp web version's operation, so messages may not arrive immediately but within a couple of minutes.
To connect you only need a SIM-card with the tariff, where incoming SMS are connected (sometimes it happens differently, so it's better to check this moment with your provider in advance). To connect Whatsapp to Usedesk, open the "Extensions" section and check if the integration ("ON" for WhatsApp Business (pact)) is enabled.

1. Add a SIM card with the number to your phone, turn it on and put it on charge. Check if your internet connection is stable.

Note! The mobile device on which the WhatsApp number is set should always be:
  • connected to the charge;
  • switched on;
  • not allowed to receive incoming calls;
  • connected to the stable network.

2. Set Whatsapp. Ideal - Whatsapp Business (the application is free, but it has additional functionality for companies).

3. Go to the «Channels» section and click «Add Channel»:

4. Click on WhatsApp:

5. Fill in the following fields:
  • Channel name - by default the channel name is "whatsapp", which you can change;
Note! If you want to set up a connection via your token, please contact support@usedesk.ru.
Fields for configuring, which you will be enabled by Usedesk support:
  • Token;
  • Company;

Then click the "Create" button.

6. A message with further instructions about the QR code will appear;

7. Refresh the page in 1-2 minutes, and a QR code will appear; you should scan it from the Whatsapp application on your phone (click "Settings" - "Whatsapp Web" in the app);

8. As soon as the app has received the QR code, messages from your Whatsapp will start to appear in Usedesk. The channel is connected.

Buttons are available in the connection form:
  • Save - the channel is saved without connection. If you make changes in editing the channel, press the "Save" button to save the channel fields' current state. The channel is not created again;
  • Disconnect - the channel will be disconnected and marked with the red color. You can connect the channel again;
  • Delete - the channel is removed from the system.

Terms of use!

  • Dialogs will come to the Chat section, as in the case with other messengers. At the same time, a separate correspondence is created for each chat dialog, so that you can return to it later if necessary and work as with any other channel.
  • Once connected, you can't use Whatsapp on your phone or Whatsapp Web, otherwise the connection with Usedesk will be broken. In this case, do not close the WhatsApp application on your phone (in the settings of the phone, disable the "Disable unused applications" and energy-saving mode);
  • If the phone is disconnected, is not charged or there are problems with the network, the integration will be broken, and the messages will cease to get to Usedesk. If this happens, try to restore the connection. If everything looks fine in your account, but there are still no messages, delete and reinstall Whatsapp on your phone, then scan the code again and follow all steps of the instruction carefully;
  • We advise you to use the device with the Android version 7.0 and above (* we do not recommend to connect to the IOS) and if the phone has the ability to give priority to the applications, set the WhatsApp maximum priority.

It is obligatory to use a device with Android OS version 7.0 or higher (*do not use IOS and devices with EMUI OS to connect - it is usually pre-installed on Huawei, Honor and Meizu phones.

Initiating a dialog

In the "Chat" section, you can display the "Create a chat" button in WhatsApp, which allows you to initiate a conversation with your clients yourself.

For this purpose, it is necessary:
If you have several channels with Whatsapp, then when using the "Create chat" button, you can choose from which channel and who you will write first.

Please write to the new customer specifying his number in the format XXXXXXXXXXXXX (for example, 79254321098), or select the customer from your database, and the number will be automatically assigned.

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