WhatsApp integration


WhatsApp connection

The WhatsApp connection is included in the paid package, so we will activate the integration after payment confirmation. For more details and to leave a request for connection, write us at support@usedesk.com.

Integration is also available on demo account — you don't need to pay for testing.

We connect it through a third-party service. It simulates the WhatsApp web version's operation, so messages may not arrive immediately but within a couple of minutes. To connect you only need a SIM-card with the tariff, where incoming SMS are connected (sometimes it happens differently, so it's better to check this moment with your provider in advance).

To connect WhatsApp to Usedesk:

1. Open the «Extensions» section and check if the integration («ON» for WhatsApp Business (pact)) is enabled.

2. Insert the SIM card into the phone, turn it on.

3. Set up WhatsApp. Perfect option — WhatsApp Business (the application is free, it has additional functionality for companies).

4. Go to the «Channels» section and click «Add Channel».

5. Click on WhatsApp:

6. Fill in the following fields:

  • Channel name — by default, the channel is called «WhatsApp», the name can be changed.

Important! If you want to set up a connection via your personal Pact account, contact our support team support@usedesk.com. Configuration fields that the Usedesk support will enable:

  • token,
  • company.

Then click the «Create» button.

7. A QR code will appear, which you need to quickly scan with the WhatsApp application on your phone (to do this, in the application, click on the three dots in the upper right corner → «Linked devices» ⟶ «Link a device»).

Important! The code is valid for only a few seconds, so you need to scan it immediately.

8. Wait for WhatsApp to show the new linked Pact device.

9. Click the «Save» button in the Usedesk.

Done, the channel is connected!

Terms of use

  • Dialogs will come to the Chat section, as in the case with other messengers;
  • If the integration is broken, try to restore the connection. If everything is fine externally in the account, but there are still no messages, delete and reinstall WhatsApp on the phone, then scan the code again and carefully go through all the steps of the instructions;
  • Once a week, you should log into the application and correspond from it for 10–15 minutes — you can do it with the same user, for example, in a test chat with yourself. The main thing is to make it clear to WhatsApp that the application is being used. If employees sometimes respond directly from the application, you don't need to do this.

The phone's operating system version should be up-to-date, preferably the latest.

Initializing the dialog

In the «Chat» section, you can display the «Create a chat» button in WhatsApp, which allows you to initiate a conversation with your clients yourself.

For this purpose, it is necessary:

If you have several channels with WhatsApp, then when using the «Create chat» button, you can choose from which channel and who you will write first.

Write to the new customer specifying his number in the format XXXXXXXXXXXXX (for example, 447871234567), or select the customer from your database, and the number will be automatically assigned.

Processing group chats

When you add an account to a group, all messages from users of the group will be sent to one group chat.
In the Usedesk group chat, you will see which participant sent the message. And the answer from the Usedesk will fall into the general group.
  • If you do not have a client in your system, it will be created separately,
  • The group's nickname will be added to the group chat client's card.

The ability to reply to a specific message using the "Reply" function is not yet available.

Message statuses

Message statuses are available in WhatsApp:
  • delivered – two checkmarks;
  • read – two blue checkmarks.

If you see in the Usedesk chat that the client has not read the message, you can contact him via another communication channel.