Setting up a list of tickets

Tickets — all customer requests that come to Usedesk from various channels.

Open the «Tickets» section, and Usedesk will show you the available requests in the table.

In the list of tickets you can:

1. Sort the tickets according to your needs.

Select a column in the list of tickets and click on its name in the table header to sort it:

  • In alphabetical order;
  • From larger to smaller;
  • From new ticket coming into the system to completed ticket and vice versa;
  • In ascending or descending order, the first/following response metrics are for SLAs.

The arrow indicates the sort order.

In the ticket table you can display the fields you need from the ticket card. To do this, click the button in the table header. Check the boxes for the required fields, set their sequence by dragging and dropping them in the list that opens and click «Apply».

2. Massively edit tickets.

On the left side in the table of tickets there is a checkbox. If you select at least one item, the mass editing menu will open. Two additional buttons will appear, with which you can make edits directly in the list of tickets without going to the ticket card:

  • Edit. During mass editing, you can change information in any number of tickets, namely: status, priority, ticket type, client, assignee, add or remove tags, change additional fields. You can delete a ticket or convert it to spam by selecting the appropriate status of the ticket;
  • Assign to me. Assign tickets to yourself by certain criteria in one click, without falling into the ticket card. For that, use the hotkey combination U+M.
Using the checkbox in the query table header, you can select all elements on the page for editing at once. For example, if you have 50 queries on your page, then you can select only 50 tickets in a mass selection at a time. To display a checkbox in a ticket table header, select one ticket in the table.

3. Use additional functions: