Chat Report

Chat report — detailed information on dialogues from the «Chat» section, that is, on connected messengers, widget on the site, including messages in social networks.

1. To activate the report, set up a chat and connect different communication channels with the client.

2. Set the sensor range «from» — «to» or use the standard values in the drop-down menu and click the button «Apply».

Additionally, use the «Compare» checkbox. The report will compare the figures for the specified period with the previous period of the same duration. For example, if you select the current month, you will get the difference in percentage points from the previous month. New, closed and missed dialogs will be compared, as well as a report on tags, on triggers and a report on macroses.

The comparison indicator is given as a percentage and is calculated using the following formula: current period indicator/previous period indicator*100-100.

Basic indicators:
  • Total new — number of dialogues in the «New» status created during the specified period;
  • Completed dialogues — the number of chats that went to the «Solved»/«Closed» status;
  • Missed dialogues — the value refers only to the chats from the widget at the website and shows how many situations there were when the user did not respond to the client within the specified time in the widget settings at the first contact;
  • First reply time — the time from the moment of creating a dialogue to the first reply of a user. If there is an auto-reply after a first client message, and then a client writes a second message, the time of the first reply will be counted from the time passed from the second client message to the first agent message;
  • The average duration of dialogue — the period from the moment of creating a dialogue to its transition to the «Solved»/«Closed» status;
  • Total working time of employees — the time the users were in the online chat status within the specified period;
  • The total duration of the dialogues — the total time of all dialogues in the «New»/«Opened» status for a specified period.

Below is more detailed data, which is divided into blocks:

1. Agents

Table with the main indicators for each user separately. A CSI indicator has been added to the table.

2. Dialogs

The chart shows the dynamics of chats by dates for the specified period. When hovering over a chart the number of new, closed and missed chats by dates is displayed according to the chart.

3. Missed dialogues

The table shows all the missed chats for the specified period, with one page showing no more than 10 missed chats. The table name is the percentage of missed dialogues from the total number of chats in the specified period. The request numbers are clickable, i.e. you can go to them and study them in detail. The list of missed chats can be filtered by users and saved in .xlsx, .csv, or .pdf format.

4. Tag report

The table shows the list of tags that were applied to chats during the specified period. In addition, the number of chat with this tag, their share of all received requests and the difference with the previous period. The report on tags will allow selecting the most frequent questions from clients. Save the report in .xlsx, .csv or .pdf format.

5. Automation

The tables contain a list of treggers and macroses that were applied to chats during the specified period. In addition, the number of chat with this trigger or macros, their share from all received and the difference with the previous period are specified.

The report on triggers and macroses will help to highlight the share of automated responses. Save the report in .xlsx, .csv, or .pdf format.