Telegram integration via a personal account


Channel connection

Telegram connection via a personal account is included in the paid package, so we activate the integration after payment confirmation. To find out more details and submit a request for activation, write to us at

We connect Telegram via the third-party service Pact. It simulates the work of the web version of Telegram, so messages can arrive not instantly, but within a couple of minutes.

To connect Telegram to Usedesk:

1. Open the Extensions section and check if integration is enabled («ON» for Telegram personal (pact)):

2. Open the «Channels» section and click the «Add channel» button:

3. Select «Telegram personal (pact)»:

4. Come up with a name for the channel or leave the default name, and then enter your phone number, linked to Telegram, in a format 8ХХХХХХХХХХ. Then click «Connect»:

5. In the Telegram application, you will receive a five-digit code — enter it in the window that appears in Usedesk and click «Confirm»:

Done, the channel is connected!

Channel setup

To set up a channel, go to the «Channels» section and select the desired one:

If necessary, you can change the name of the channel:

Do you need additional opportunities to improve support and automation indicators? Read about additional settings at the link.

Integration options

Handling incoming conversations

Dialogs from Telegram will be sent to Usedesk in the Chat section. This is how the correspondence in Telegram integrated into Usedesk looks like:

Usedesk supports voice messages from Telegram, as well as images and video files. Videos recorded directly in Telegram (circles) will not be sent to Usedesk.

You can view an image/video or listen to audio directly in the Usedesk interface.

Creating dialogues

You can write to a Telegram user first directly from Usedesk. To use this feature, you need to have a permission to work with a channel – even if you are an administrator. Follow the link to know about setting up of permissions.

To do this, in the «Chat» section, click the «Create chat» button, select the desired channel and click on «Create»:

Select a client from the list, or enter his number or nickname in Telegram using @ in the corresponding field. Enter a message and click «Create»:

An internal comment will appear in the created chat stating that the chat was created from Usedesk:

Ticket filtering

You can filter tickets from a telegram account using filtering by channel:

Also, all tickets from this channel are assigned the «Telegram:Personal» tag — you can find messages by it: