Channel changing

Usedesk allows you to change a channel of communication with a client. This is convenient, for example, if a client contacted you via telephony, and he needs to get a reply to an e-mail.

The button to change a channel is at the top of a ticket card:

In a ticket you can only change a channel to the e-mail channel. If you want to switch to communication with a client via e-mail, you must specify an e-mail in a client card. To add an e-mail to a client card:

  • click the pencil icon next to a client name;
  • fill in the «e-mail addresses» field and click the «Save» button.

Now a client e-mail is displayed in the block «Information about a client»:

After adding an e-mail, there is an option to change a channel to the e-mail channel. Click the «Change channel» button, select a needed e-mail channel and click «Apply».

After changing a channel to an e-mail channel, messages will be sent to a client to a specified e-mail.

If you originally communicated with a client in a widget, his e-mail can be added to the system automatically via forms — a client fills out a form in a widget, and data are sent to Usedesk. This function is useful if a client, let’s say, left a widget and you need to make sure he will see a reply. You can read about the forms here.

You can change a channel automatically via the trigger — read more about it here.