Client list

«Clients» are the company's client files with which the employee works.

Open the «Clients» → «List» section, and Usedesk will show you the list of clients in alphabetical order with which you work.

In the list of clients, the following functions are possible:

  • Searching for a client. The search bar is located at the top of the page above the list of clients. You can search by e-mail, name, phone number. To do this, enter the ticket (partially or completely) in the search box;
  • Edit the current client. To edit the client card, click the icon with a pencil. You can change the same data in the client card when you created the client card. In addition, when editing, the function of merging the client's profile appears;
  • View information about the client without going to the client card: avatar, name, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, messengers, social networks, addresses;
  • Go to the client card. Click on the avatar or the client's name to go to the client card;
  • Open social networks. If a link to a page in the social network is indicated in the client's card, click on it to go to the card;
  • Create outgoing tickets. Click on the e-mail address to which the outgoing ticket will be sent.