General updates


A widget. Buttons for sending messages and attachments

A client cannot send a message with an attachment to a widget — either a text, or an attachment. Previously, it wasn’t obvious in the system, because a widget had two buttons next to a message input line: the arrow to send a message and the paper clip to send an attachment.
We made the interface more clear: now a widget displays only a button for attaching files. But if you start writing a text, it will change to a button for sending messages.

Follow the link to read the article about widget work and setting.


A test widget

We have got a page with a test widget — you can access it by link. On this page you can see, how a widget, forms in a widget chat and buttons work.
You can learn more about triggers configuration which work in a test mode, if you read this article.


Limits. Files

The system now limits space occupied by company files. The default limit is 100 Gb. To see, how much space is left, go to the «Settings» section → «Company».

The system will show an information bar, when only 10% of available disk space is left (in addition, e-mail notifications will be sent to administrators), and when space runs out.

When an account runs out of space, you won’t be able to:
  • attach files to replies and receive them,
  • upload files to interface — for example, avatars of clients.

To increase limits, please write to support@usedesk.com

Read more details about the «limits» block in the new article, following the link.