General updates


Distribution of requests. Button «Take to work»

We expanded the functionality for working with tickets — we made a new function that will speed up the work with incoming requests and help process them faster.

How it worked before: the employee, analyzing the request pool, opened the request card, changed the executor from “Not assigned” to himself and started working with the request, forming a response to the client. This could lead to problems:

  • the same request could be taken into work by two employees at once since there is no automatic updating of information in the list of requests;
  • the employee took a new request to work, while the older one remained in the queue;
  • the employee chose a simpler request for himself, leaving the burden of being to a colleague.

Now, by pressing one button in the order of priority, you can take tickets from the general list that you are working on. In this case, other agents can process the same list.

How it works:

The system provides «Take ticket» and «Take chat» buttons for automatic distribution of tickets from certain lists.

Important! The feature is currently available upon request. Write to us at

On the request page

Screenshot of the Helpdesk system Usedesk interface

The system when you click on the «Get Request» button:

  • distributes the first unassigned request to the current user. Unassigned request — a request without a performer or assigned to a group;
  • it will take into account the selected filter (for example, priority "average") and sorting (for example, by creation date);
  • opens the request card.

The benefit is that you can process any created filter with colleagues, appointing yourself as an executor in turn. Sorting is a queue. For example, choose to sort from oldest to newest by update date, and the Take Request button will take that order into account when assigning.

On the chat page

Screenshot of the Helpdesk system Usedesk interface

The system when you click on the «Take chat» button:

  • distributes the oldest unassigned chat to the current user. Unassigned chat — chat in the «Unassigned» filter, i. e. it has no performer, chat in the «Group» filter, i. e. the chat is assigned to a group of performers;
  • opens the chat card.

The benefit is that you will sort out the «Unassigned» filter by pressing one button. At the same time, the old tickets will be included in the list first, and thus you will meet the SLA indicators.


Slack. Working with private messages

Now Usedesk supports not only messages from groups, but also private messages - another reason to switch to the new integration made in February!

To connect the new function, you need to go to the «Channels» section, select Slack and check the box next to the «Personal correspondence» item. Don't forget to save your changes.

To write a private message in Slack, you need to click on the Usedesk app:

Previously, Usedesk was able to work only with messages from groups — it was difficult to discuss something privately. Now this issue is resolved :)

If a person used the «Reply» function, the system will show exactly which message he replied to:

Direct messages from Slack arrive in Usedesk with the subject «Private Message»:



New Knowledge Base

We have updated the Knowledge Base:

  • completely redesigned the design and logic of work — now your Base will work faster and smoother;
  • now the Knowledge Base can be used separately from the chat;
  • added a method that returns Knowledge Base Navigation — this allows you to embed the Knowledge Base in applications that use TabBar (tabs with sections at the bottom) or open it in the location you specify;
  • added the possibility to open the Knowledge Base on a specified article, category or section (deep linking) — now the client can send a button that links to a specific article, and not to the entire Knowledge Base, as before;
  • added tags to negative feedback and the possibility to customize them. If the client did not like the article in the Base, now he can not only leave a comment, but also select a problem from the proposed tags. By default, we made the following tags: «I didn't find the answer», «No pics», «It won't work», «The font size is too small» and «It's challenging to find what i looked for».

Android updates coming soon!