Security – the level of protection Usedesk has against intruders. Includes:

Password validation in the system

We will tell you about this on the registration page, or if you set a password for an employee:

  • minimum 6 characters,
  • at least 1 number,
  • at least 1 special character,
  • it can't be the same as login (mail).

Password reset functionality

With this functionality, you can reset passwords for all users or set up automatic password reset.

  • «Reset password» field – setting for an automatic password reset. If you specify a number greater than 0, then passwords for users will be reset after this number of days. Don't forget to click on the «Save» button;
  • «Reset passwords» button – a button for a manual password reset. When you press the button, all users, except for the current employee (who presses the button), will deauthorize (log out) from the system.

When resetting the password in any way, the employee will face the following steps:
1. Enter the old password.

* if you forgot — use password recovery.

2. Log in with a new password when entering Usedesk.
The old password cannot be used. The new password must contain:
  • at least 6 characters,
  • at least 1 number,
  • at least 1 special character,
  • cannot be the same as login.

We will warn you about wrong actions.

Please warn your employees about changing the password in advance so that they do not get confused.

Two-factor authentication

This is an additional layer of Usedesk's security, which ensures that only you can access your account, even if someone else knows your password.

More details about the nuances and how to use protection are described in our article.