Avatar bot

Now the bot's avatar you set will be displayed in the chat with auto-responses through triggers.

Time format in reports

Led time format in reports to standard view hh:mm:ss for more convenient work in unloaded tables

Chat tags

Now, right in the chat, you can use tags that will also be displayed in the request card.

Ability to send emoji

Emoji can now be inserted into chat or request messages. Soon, we are planning to finalize support for emoji throughout the system.


Calls through applications from the card

A link of the following type was added to the client's phone: tel: 79876543212

With this, you can make calls from the request card through additional applications.

Character counter

Added character counter when writing a comment in the request card. If your integration limits the number of characters, you can use this counter as a hint.


Chat text colour

According to numerous requests, the colour of the text messages in the chat

Knowledge Indexing

In the settings of the knowledge base, you can disable its indexing by search engine robots.

Sort report filters

The list of channels and groups in report filtering is now sorted alphabetically for convenience.

First comment time

We added a column in the report called "First Comment Time" - a metric of the agent's speed of response to new tickets.

The metric checks the time elapsed from the creation of the ticket to the second comment in it.

  • Whether it was an internal comment or a public one.
  • The metric records the value for the author of this comment and displays the median.

Access to chat rooms

Now access to chat rooms is open only to users in the group for which the selected chat channel is available. If there is no access to any of the chat channels, the button "Chat in the menu is not displayed.

Widget background-colour

The background colour of the widget icon can now be configured separately. The setting is above the icon selection for the widget. By default, the widget colour was selected.

Browser chat appointment notification

If a chat has been assigned to the employee (the performer has been specified), the system will send a browser message about this action to this employee.


Exclude HTML tags

In the settings of the rule appeared the item "Exclude HTML tags", which excludes the search for matches in HTML. This feature was enabled for all clients and is defaulted when a rule is created.

Article view counter

Added to the conclusion of the Knowledge Base API counter viewing articles. Now they can be sorted by popularity.

Description of categories in the knowledge base

Now the description of the category in the Knowledge Base has the same functionality as the article's description. This will allow us to make a more detailed description of the category.

Chat writing interface

Changed the interface for writing a comment in the chat: now the action buttons are located below; two buttons "Public / Internal" replaced by one switch.

Modified chat counts

Fully rewrote the counting unread chat functionality. Now the information is updated immediately, and only those chats for which the current employee is responsible fall into the main counter.