Push notifications set up

To receive push notifications about new messages from clients, you need to create an API channel.

API channel creation

1. Open the section «Channels» → «Add channel»:

2. Select the item «API»:

After adding a channel, three blocks for set up appear on the page: «API», «Tracking tickets» and «Tracking chats».

API channel set up


Fill in the blocks:

Tracking tickets

Tick all check boxes:

Tracking chats

Tick all check boxes:

Do not forget to save changes :)

Finished, push notifications are set up!


  • A notification will only come if a ticket is assigned to an agent. If a ticket does not have an executor, or if a ticket is assigned to a group, no notifications will come;
  • For notifications to come, agents must have an access to work with a channel in which a target action was executed.