Brand Analytics

Brand Analytics is a service that helps you keep track of your brand references in the information field, such as social media and online media. It allows you to intercept customer questions and problems through those channels beyond the control of technical support, and generate various analytical reports on them. By connecting your Brand Analytics account to Usedesk, you will be able to receive these mentions immediately in the form of client requests and respond to them promptly.

To connect Brand Analytics to Usedesk, open the "Extensions" section and check if the integration ("ON" for "Usedesk API") is enabled.

1. Go to "Channels" - "API" - click "Add";

2. Enter the channel name and click "Save";

3. Copy the value from the "App secret key" field;

4. Go to Brand Analytics - Settings - Integration - Usedesk (Connect);

5. Insert a value from the "App secret key" field and click "Create integration".

Here we go! Your Brand Analytics account is connected to Usedesk.

You can send messages from Brand Analytics to Usedesk manually or automatically. Permission to send messages manually is granted to Administrators or Moderators on the Brand Analytics side of your account with the "Answers from the system, and use of configured integration" rights enabled. Only Administrators have rights to set up automatic sending of messages.

To set up sending messages using one of these methods, please, use the instructions in your Brand Analytics personal cabinet (see the end of the article, sections "Manual sending of references" and "Setting up automatic sending of messages").