Telephony in Usedesk — calls to customers or employees using integrated telephony with saving the communication history in the ticket card.
To set up telephony in Usedesk:
  • connect the telephony channel according to the instructions for your operator;
  • for outgoing calls and automatic assignment of a ticket with a call to a user who talks to the client on the phone, in the user's profile in the «Telephony» block, select the connected telephony, prescribe the requested data from the ATE, and save it.
After connecting the telephony in Usedesk, you can:

1. Make calls from the client's card and ticket card (Telfin, Mango, Voximplant). To use this feature, you need to have a permission to work with a channel – even if you are an administrator. Follow the link to know about setting up of permissions.

Also, for outgoing calls an agent should have an operator’s ID in a profile settings— you can find it in your telephony personal account.

When a call is received in the system, a new ticket is created. By phone number from which the call was received, Usedesk searches for the client:
  • If the client is found in the database, the system indicates the found client for the created ticket;
  • If the client is not found, the system creates a new client card with the name and phone number.
By the number of the operator who picked up the phone, Usedesk performs the search:
  • Suppose a user is found in the database. In that case, the system creates a request for the found agent, and a notification is sent to his browser by clicking on which he can immediately get to the ticket and start working with it, recording the necessary information during the conversation.
2. In the list of tickets to see missed, outgoing and incoming calls, which are different from other tickets - the subject and the handset icon.

3. View call information and download the call recording when the call is ended. The ticket card displays detailed information about the call. For details, see the instructions for your operator.

4. Work with a call ticket card: add tags, fill in custom fields, change the subject, status, priority, and type of ticket, write internal comments, assign an assignee and work with the client card, as well as merge tickets.

So, when you connect to telephony, you will see the entire history of interaction with the client (calls and text messages). If you have different users in your company who write messages and process calls, no one will lose the conversation's context with the client.
Note! For Mango telephony install Mango Talker, for Telfin - Softphone, for Gravitel - Gravitel communicator.